PATERSON - As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo prepares for a trip to Cuba, New Jersey leaders are speaking out against the new relations with the country.

Sen. Bob Menendez, along with Gov. Chris Christie and other New Jersey politicians, continue to urge the United States to address the issue of fugitive and convicted cop killer Joanne Chesimard, who has taken refuge in the country.

Sen. Menendez is a harsh critic of the Castro regime and has doubts the country will work with New Jersey.

"They have said that under no circumstances are they bringing her back,” says Sen. Menendez. “To have discussions when you've already said there's no circumstances under which you're going to permit her return, to me is a falsehood."

Gov. Christie addressed the issue last week at his town hall event in New Hampshire.

“If Cuba wants to normalize relations with the US, start acting like a normal country,” he said “Start acting like a civilized country."

According to Gov. Cuomo’s website, he and select New York lawmakers and business owners are heading to Cuba to make sure New York businesses are at the front of the line with the new relationship between the United States and Cuba.

Sen. Menendez doesn’t necessarily agree with a business relationship.

“I don't see an economy that creates opportunity. I don't see a legal system that enforces contracts and I don't see doing business with a regime that oppresses its people at the end of the day,” the senator says.

American and Cuban diplomats are reportedly discussing the Chesimard issue.