HACKENSACK - A Hackensack mom is turning her son's story about living without legs into an inspiring children's book.

Kayden Kinckle, 3, was born premature with a rare disease that caused his intestines to grow outside his body. Further complications caused Kayden to lose both of his legs. But Kayden was walking again just six months later, and he and his mother, Nikki, have decided to use his struggle to educate other children.

Last year, they made a video of Kayden taking his first steps on prosthetic legs that has gotten 950,000 hits on YouTube. Now Nikki is making a book out of her son's touching story.

"You don't see that many children's books -- well, I haven't seen them -- where they show the amputees," Nikki said.

Kayden's mom hopes her son's story can become a learning tool and wants to make it available to Bergen County Public Schools and the Englewood Library.

"I don't want him to be teased or bullied," she says. "And I want when he walks in a room everyone to just say hi to him like they would say hi to any other child."