SOUTH BOUND BROOK - A South Bound Brook man is fighting against a repo company that wrongly repossessed his car not once, but twice.

Michael Stallings says the first time it happened was last July. A tow company came to take away his black 2011 Camaro. He tried to tell them they were making a mistake, but the tow company took the car away anyway.

Stallings and his mother were able to take a look at the repo order and saw what was wrong. The Vehicle Identification Number on the order did match the one on Stallings’ car, but the order was for a car belonging to someone else named Wayne. The order was issued by the Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union.

Stallings’ car note is with County Educator Credit Union, and his payments were current. Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union realized the error and the car was returned.

Nearly two weeks ago, it happened again. After trying to get the car back without much luck, Stallings’ and his mother turned to News 12 New Jersey.

A spokeswoman for Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union says they made a transcription error on VIN which is why Stallings’ car keeps getting towed. She says a notation was made after the first mistake, but couldn’t explain why the car was towed a second time.

The car should be returned by Wednesday.