PERTH AMBOY - New Jersey kids may soon spend a little more time at their desks.A plan to lengthen school days and the school year is making its way through the state Legislature. The proposal would create a pilot program that districts would apply to partake in. Officials would then study results and determine whether or not more school helps students.Perth Amboy Superintendent Janine Caffrey says a longer year would keep students from forgetting lessons over the summer, but could be more trouble than it's worth."Airline pilots are the greatest example ... We mandate that they stop flying at a certain point because the brain cannot take in any more information," Caffrey says. "Same is true with kids when they're learning. So at a certain point, you hit diminishing returns." The bill has to pass the Senate, Assembly and get Gov. Chris Christie's signature before it becomes law.If signed into law, the pilot program would be paid for with corporate donations in exchange for tax credits.