EDISON - A new political action committee in New Jersey is raising money for Donald Trump.

“Indian Americans for Trump 2016” is led by Professor A.D. Amar. Amar says he admires Trump as a businessman, and wants to see him in the White House.

“He is presidential. He is a leader, he's a strong administrator,” says Amar.

Amar also says he's seeing major support for Trump in the Indian community, even among self-professed Democrats. The group will raise money to campaign for Trump on their own.

“When some acquaintances I knew were very strong Democrats started to talk in favor of Trump, that gave me a sign that this is a wave,” says Amar.

Trump has advocated banning Muslims from entering the United States.

Amar, a former immigrant, believes those comments were just a "negotiating tool" to start a discussion about security.

“He says things because his style is flamboyant, as you have heard many times, he wants to remain unpredictable so he will say things to scare people,” says Amar.

But opponents say Trump's statements are irresponsible. At the Muslim Center of Middlesex County, the imam says his comments make him a dangerous candidate.

“He has people who are listening to him, but he should be aware of that and he should be aware that when he says negative things about other people, the reaction can be very bad so I think that’s where the danger comes in,” says Imam Raouf Zaman.

The group's president says he's a former supporter of Gov. Chris Christie, and he hopes Christie could find a role in a Trump administration.