NEW YORK - Gov. Chris Christie stopped by the "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" last night for some laughs, talking about town hall meetings, ice cream and the elusive presidential announcement everyone is waiting on.

“I wanna know, are you running for president? Or when are you going to announce you're running for president?  What is going on?” said Fallon.

“Well, you know, I've got a day job, which keeps me busy, as the governor of a small state of 9 million people across the river,” said Christie. “But, soon, I would say May or June we'll be letting everybody know what we decide.”

Fallon joked with the governor about his "tell it like it is" personality that has now claimed the title of his Town Hall tour. Fallon was a little let down the governor didn't come out swinging when asked about the presidential candidates who have already announced.

“I want you to get green, I want you to get mean, I want you to get loud!  I want you to tell people, shut up and sit down!  That guy, we love that guy!” said Fallon.

“No, you got it wrong. It's not shut up and sit down. It's sit down and shut up! If you're gonna do it, you gotta do it right,” said Christie.

The governor even got back at Fallon for jokes made about his weight, refusing to share the Ben & Jerry’s “Tonight Dough” flavor with him.