EDISON - Motorists in New Jersey may have noticed that gas prices have begun to go down. The price is under $2 in some areas of the state.

Rafael Blanco says it used to cost $90 to fill his van's tank with gasoline. Today, he was able to fill it at a station in Englewood for only $40.

Experts say the price of gasoline is linked to crude oil prices.

"Last June, price of one barrel of crude oil was a hundred dollars or more and now it's $44," says Dr. Siamack Shojai at William Paterson University. "For every dollar cut in crude prices, consumers pay 3 cents less at the gas pump."

Dr. Shojai expects the price to go down even further. He says that the price of crude oil could go down to $30 a barrel, which would bring gas down another 30 cents.

This week, oil refineries will be switching over to a winter-grade gasoline. This is cheaper than the summer-grade.

The New Jersey state average for gasoline is just over $2. The United States' average is just over $2.30.