TRENTON - The New Jersey Department of Transportation has released the 2014 report of traffic accidents that took place on New Jersey roads.

The DOT report says there were approximately 62,000 accidents in 2014. Of those accidents, over 16,000 involved injuries and 229 were deadly.

From the data of the report, News 12 New Jersey has found that Route 9 had the most number of fatalities in 2014 than any other New Jersey roadway. Out of over 4,000 crashes, 14 of them were deadly.

Second on the list is Route 206. There were 12 deadly crashes on that road in 2014. Route 130 and Route 1 were tied with 10 deadly accidents apiece.

Route 130 stretches through five counties in the state, from Middlesex to Salem County. Out of the 10 deadly accidents on Route 130, five of them happened in Burlington County.

Many drivers who spoke to News 12 New Jersey say they believe there are too many cars and not enough space on New Jersey roads.

"Fifty years ago there was one car to a household," says driver Ben Parekkadan. "Now a household has four to five cars."

Other motorists say many of the roads have "stop-and-go" traffic and traffic lights that interrupt the flow of traffic, leading to many accidents.

The full 2014 DOT report can be found on the department's website.