HAWTHORNE - A small business owner tells Kane in Your Corner that his company, Thompson and Thompson, has just four employees and one phone number, yet it received three phone bills in one month that totaled more than $100,000.

The owner of the company, Paul Thompson, says one of his assistants received a call saying that someone was running up a large amount of phone calls with AT&T. The assistant told AT&T that the company didn't even use its services.

The company says someone hacked into its voicemail system, set up two accounts and proceeded to use them to run up more than $90,000 in overseas phone calls in just one day.

Thompson says he reported the fraud to AT&T, but the phone company said they'd only pay $30,000 worth of the bill. He says AT&T wanted his company to pay the other $70,000.

After Thompson and Thompson reached out to Kane in Your Corner, AT&T says that they are forgiving more than $91,000 worth of the bills, leaving Thompson with a balance of $338.38. Similar charges run up under a Verizon account were completely forgiven, Thompson says.