NEWARK - Nick Mangold plays center for the New York Jets in East Rutherford and he used to live in Chatham. If you look at his Twitter account, it appears that he doesn't like Newark. On Wednesday, Mangold tweeted about how Newark had a certain stench.

Mangold tweeted: "Best part of driving back to NJ rather than flying even if it's a 9-hour trip instead of 1.5 hours? Not having 2 go thru the stank of Newark."

Mangold has continued to engage with his Twitter followers since then, saying that he thinks Mayor Booker would agree.

A Jets spokesman says Nick Mangold didn't mean to offend anyone. He was just having fun on Twitter, but a lot of people in the Brick City aren't buying it.

News 12 New Jersey spoke with Newark residents who were not happy to get a whiff of the news. Abdul Holmes says, "Well he needs to be asking to be traded if he feels that way because if you're gonna play in Jersey, you need to represent Jersey in a respectful manner."