LACEY TOWNSHIP - An Ocean County woman says two televisions were stolen from her home and sold to Fast Cash in Lacey Township.

News 12 New Jersey investigated Tina Caneal's story after the Bayville resident said the buy and sell store told her she'd have to pay $110 to get the items back.

Fast Cash owner Matthew Cumberton said yesterday, without police or the courts proving a person's ownership, his hands are tied. "I'm not going to just hand something over to somebody that I legally bought from somebody else."

Lacey Police say they do have the right to come in and seize any and all stolen property, but choose not to because they need this shop and others to cooperate in the future.

Caneal says Berkeley Police told the shop that News 12 New Jersey was investigating. After hearing that, she says the shop agreed to turn over her televisions without her having to pay for them.

Caneal said her 22-year-old stepson and his girlfriend have been charged in the thefts.

Unlike pawn shops, buy and sell shops are not regulated by the Department of Banking and Insurance.