WALL TOWNSHIP - Along with being charged with the murder of Lakewood Officer Chris Matlosz, Jahmell Crockam is charged with the murder of his former neighbor, Justin Williams.

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News 12 New Jersey spoke exclusively with Justin Williams' stepfather, David Pierce, who says that if Crockam had been charged with his stepson's murder when it happened last fall, Lakewood Officer Chris Matlosz might still be alive today.

Williams was raised in Manchester and the family then moved to a house across the street from the Crockams. Pierce says that's when he befriended Crockam and joined his gang.

Pierce says that his stepson wanted out, but Crockam didn't want him to go. The 20-year-old's body was found dumped on a street in Lakewood.

Crockam allegedly shot and killed Officer Matlosz three months later. Prosecutor Marlene Ford says until now, there was not enough evidence to charge Crockam for the Williams murder.

Ford says "it was only during the murder investigation of Officer Matlosz that individuals came forward with some additional information that we were able to follow through."