UNION - News 12 New Jersey spoke Wednesday with the two police officers who discovered the 4-year-old boy who spent several days in an apartment with his dead mother.

The officers said they found the boy malnourished and naked when they arrived at the Mill Run apartment building. The child weighs only 26 pounds but should be closer to 40 pounds.

They said the boy is very bright and resilient. They say he wanted to help his mom because he knew she wasn't feeling well.

An ambulance took the boy to the hospital, where he asked for a grilled cheese sandwich and hot chocolate. The boy told officers that he ate sugar and tried to open a can of soup but didn't know how to work the can opener. He also said he put lotion on his mom to make her feel better.

After he was released from the hospital Wednesday evening, Division of Youth and Family Services placed him with a foster parent who is also a registered nurse. Police are still trying to locate the boy's next of kin. Police identified the boy's mother yesterday as 38-year-old Kiana Workman.

Investigators are working with Child Services in New York City to see if there was a past history of neglect. Authorities say an autopsy will be performed tomorrow to determine Workman's cause and time of death.