NEWARK - A Newark woman who received an $85 ticket for allegedly running a light at Avon Avenue and Bergen Street in Newark says the ticket is a mistake.

Adrienne Hall says the car captured running the red light is not her car. Hall also points out that the license plate doesn't match hers either.

Hall argues that the ticket wouldn't have happened if a police officer had been there instead of the controversial red light camera.

Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon is pushing a bill to get rid of the red light cameras. O'Scanlon is also pushing to increase yellow light times and have officers crosscheck tickets for mistakes like the one that seems to have happened in Hall's case.

O'Scanlon says if municipalities wish to make money off of the red light cameras, they should spend the additional money to make sure the citations go to the right drivers.

Hall is scheduled to go to court on Oct. 29 over the ticket.