NEWARK - The Newark woman accused of murdering her daughter on Mother's Day made her first court appearance today.

Bianca Young, 24, pleaded not guilty in her daughter's death, as did her boyfriend, Ahmed Thakur, 27. Thakur faces various charges, including the endangerment of a child.

Police say Young brought her daughter, Charlize Young, 5, to the emergency room, where she was pronounced dead. Police arrested Young and charged her with murder two days later. They say she delivered the beating that eventually killed the girl.

Young and Charlize lived in an apartment building at 5 Esther St. Authorities say the child had been complaining of stomach pains for days before being rushed to the hospital. Authorities would not say whether Charlize's injuries were caused by a single blow or several over time.

Young and Thakur are being held on $400,000 and $100,000 bail, respectively.