NEWARK - The brutal attack of a 67-year-old grandmother and her son on a snow-covered Newark sidewalk was caught on tape, and that video has caused outrage throughout the state.

Police say they are actively searching for the three men who beat and robbed the mother and son as they walked home with groceries last Saturday night.

Security cameras in the area of Van Buren and East Kinney streets recorded the vicious assault that started with a sucker punch that laid out Pablo Patrone's mother, fracturing her nose, bloodying her face and knocking her unconscious.

"Every man who loves their mother, got to defend, you know," says Patrone. "First instinct is defend your mother or your family."

But Patrone says he was powerless to help his mother because two of the men began attacking him. Then the suspects fled on foot, taking his cash, groceries and cellphone with them.

Neighbors in the Ironbound section of the city were shocked by the video, as well as the crime itself. "Definitely, the violence is raising here in the Ironbound," says Bruno Marques. "It's nothing like it used to be."

A Newark police spokesman says that various units are actively investigating this strong-arm robbery.

They are examining the video, but also urging anyone with information to call their anonymous tip line.