NEWARK - Police say two toddlers that were killed last week in Newark both died at the hands of their mothers' boyfriends, and a family friend says the children were also distantly related.

Both of the 2 year olds, Mikhy and Alexis, shared the same last name, Robinson. Rev. Ron Christian, of the Christian Love Baptist Church, tells News 12 New Jersey that a family member told him that the two children were distant cousins.

This week, Rev. Christian will preside over both funerals.

Tyrail Jones, 25, is charged with murder in the beating death of little Alexis. Wakir Bryant, 27, is facing a charge of aggravated manslaughter and weapons offenses in the shooting death of Mikhy.

Alexis and Mikhy were both rushed to Beth Israel Hospital in Newark. Both were declared dead in the very same room.