NEWARK - Residents of an apartment building who were nearly evacuated due to dangerous conditions say some repairs are being made, but they have a long way to go. 

Tenants say they are still worried about having to leave their homes. On Tuesday, the 46 families living in Newark's Aspen Stratford Apartments were told they'd need to go to shelters after inspectors found dangerous conditions, including fire violations and rodents.

Residents were angry, and claimed that nobody told them in advance. Officials say attempts were made to notify each tenant.

The tenants say almost everyone stayed despite the conditions because they were worried about being robbed if they left. "The little stuff that I do have I cherish," says Raheem Ards. "You know, we work hard to get what we got."

City officials have told residents it could take up to three weeks to make repairs that would bring the apartment building up to code.

Mayor Ras Baraka, said in a statement that the city's actions against the owner of Aspen Stratford Apartments serves as a warning to other landlords not to let their buildings fall into disrepair.