NEWARK - For many Newark residents, the news that public schools Superintendent Cami Anderson was stepping down was a cause to celebrate.

For several years, students, parents and even Newark city officials have been vocally criticizing and pushing for her removal. Many opposed her "One Newark" education plan, and felt she did not have the students' best interest at heart.

At a public school board meeting held Tuesday, many in attendance cheered at the news that Anderson, who was appointed by the state, would step down by July 8.

"It's a little surreal to see one of our demands put through, we're very excited about it," says Jose Leonard, one of the members of the Newark Students Union.

The Newark Students Union has held various protests, walk outs and sit-ins all in an effort to have a say in their education.

"I think it's an organization win that Cami Anderson is gone," says Tanasia Brown, another union member. "But it's definitely not the 'end all, be all.' The Newark Students Union is not going to stop because Cami Anderson is gone."

With Anderson out, former New Jersey Education Commissioner Chris Cerf is expected to fill the position. However, many at the school board meeting told News 12 New Jersey they are not happy with that announcement either. Some people who attended the meeting even booed when Cerf's name was announced.

"Newark people are not dumb. They know what's going on," says Junior School Board member Phillip Seelinger. "[Cerf] was [Anderson's] boss."

Several Newark residents have told News 12 New Jersey they are planning to protest at Cerf's confirmation hearing. That hearing is expected to come in the next few weeks.