NEWARK - Several Newark streets were shut down Monday after heavy rainfall caused localized flooding, and residents say that this is a common occurrence when it rains in the Brick City.

South Street saw two intersections closed due to flooding: South Street at Adams Street and South Street at Pacific Street. Neighbors in the area say that the flooding was so bad that the water was strong enough to carry a couch a block away.

“It’s not good,” says Newark resident John Timoteo. “I had to move my car six blocks to make sure nothing was in it.”

Timoteo tells News 12 New Jersey that in previous storms, he’s seen almost a foot of water in his backyard.

Newark also had flooding along Ferry Street and at Clay Street and 21st Street. 

“I was outside, a little rain…came back, and the cars are almost under water. Had to run around in the rain and pull the cars back,” says resident John Silva.

Jersey City also saw street flooding. Tonnelle Avenue was closed until Tuesday afternoon due to the issue.

All the floodwaters had receded by Tuesday evening.