NEWARK - Newark police are trying to find the parents of a newborn baby who was found abandoned at a bus stop this morning.

Officials tell News 12 New Jersey that the baby boy was found wrapped in a blanket and tucked inside a laundry basket at a bus stop on Bergen Avenue, near University Hospital. Police say the baby was taken inside the hospital, where he was deemed unharmed. He is believed to be white or Hispanic.

One of the major questions surrounding the discovery is why would someone leave the baby at a bus stop, which is not covered under New Jersey's safe haven law that decriminalizes leaving babies in designated locations. The hospital, which is covered under the law, was just steps away.

The commissioner of New Jersey's Department of Children and Families wants to remind young women about the Safe Haven Infant Protection Act exists to help mother and child. If someone surrenders their baby to an approved safe haven location, authorities will not go looking for the person who dropped the baby off. If the baby is left elsewhere, authorities will try to track the parents down.