NEWARK - Newark police department's emergency services team does more than patrol the city's streets, they watch over the area's waterways too.

News 12 New Jersey went on an exclusive ride aboard the Marine One patrol boat.

Officers with the Emergency Services Unit put their training to work this week when they pulled a man from the Passaic River after he jumped in.

"He was submerged," according to Sgt. Alejandro Martin. "That's when I got him with the rescue pole and was able to catch his shirt and bring him up."

The man is now recovering in the hospital. In the last 18 months, the team has pulled six people out of the water.

The team's coverage area extends from the Newark seaport past the Bridge Street Bridge. The team also scours the docks and bridges along the banks of the river for suspicious packages, and keeps an eye on the corporations and agencies whose offices would make targets for terrorists.

The department also has four inflatable boats to keep the waterways safe.