NEWARK - Sources say a showdown between the two women who lead the Newark Police Department has led to the suspension of the city's police chief.

Two police sources tell News 12 New Jersey that Police Director Sheilah Coley suspended recently sworn-in Police Chief Ivonne Roman.

The sources say the suspension followed a confrontation Friday morning as Coley was interviewing officers for possible promotion. Roman reportedly wanted to take part in the interviews, and refused to leave Coley's office.

Coley finally ordered the officers out of her office and then suspended Roman, who recently replaced Coley when she was promoted to director.

Two women hold the department's top two posts for the first time in the city's history.

Coley and Roman met with Mayor Luis Quintana, according to the sources, and the mayor lifted the suspension.

The mayor's spokeswoman released an official statement this afternoon that says Roman "is not under any form of suspension" and "all promotional decisions will be jointly made" by the director and the chief.