NEWARK - City officials in Newark converged on an apartment complex Tuesday morning, following complaints of deplorable conditions.

City inspectors came to the Garden Spires Apartments located at Seventh Avenue and First Street and found conditions below standard in several of the units.

Residents tell News 12 New Jersey that the elevators aren't working and many of the hallways do not have working lights.

Code enforcers found mold, exposed wires, a rodent infestation and several more issues.

The supermarket on the first floor was found to be so bad it had to close. There was mold inside there, too, and many food products were found to be expired.

Officials expect to inspect the other tower of the Garden Spires on Thursday. A final report should come out on Friday, and then residents will learn if they have to leave.

Newark Neighborhood and Recreation Director Patrick Council says the city will make the owners of the building find replacement housing for any resident who has to be displaced due to poor conditions.

News 12 New Jersey tried reaching out to King Properties, the complex's owner. An employee at the building could not comment on the code enforcement and was not able to refer to anyone in upper management.

A similar raid by city officials happened at the Riverside Villas public housing complex in June.