NEWARK - Mayor Ras Baraka has big plans to reform the Brick City in his first 100 days in office.

On Wednesday, Baraka laid out his strategy, which includes his team's vision for a new Newark. "I don't know if you feel it or not, but we're building a movement in this city," he says.

At the top of the list is addressing the Newark Police Department. Baraka says he wants to create a more community-oriented department, which means more sensitivity and cultural training. He also hinted that the federal government will soon announce a role in overseeing a department that civil liberties advocates claim has abused its authority for too long.

The mayor's plans also include a major restructuring of city departments, all in an effort to make City Hall more available to residents.     

Baraka says the city is running a budget deficit in the tens of millions of dollars, which means state money will be needed. He says that requires a healthy relationship between the mayor and Gov. Chris Christie.

Christie and Mayor Baraka have met a few times, and have sparred in public over the city's public schools.