NEWARK - Mayor Cory Booker has expressed interest many times about representing New Jersey in the U.S. Senate, but this week, as the seat officially became vacant, he has remained silent.

It is unclear whether Mayor Booker will run in the special election announced by Gov. Chris Christie Tuesday.

Residents in Newark are mixed on the possible run. "You know he's wanted that seat," Carlotta Hall said. "And I don't know anyone else who could fill that seat."

But other residents say they wouldn't support a run for senate. "The residents of the city of Newark are tired of his politics," Donna Jackson said. "Tired of his promises. I would never vote for Mayor Booker."

If Booker does step down, Newark would need a new mayor. It is unclear if that person would be appointed by city council, through a city special election or succession by the council president.

News 12 New Jersey tried contacting Mayor Booker but did not hear back.