NEWARK - A New Jersey man who put his health in his doctors' hands learns that the very people he trusted were not real doctors.

Abdul Kearney, of Newark, says his medical care over the last seven months was one big, dangerous lie. Kearney was treated at the Elizabeth office of Dr. Yousuf Masood, who is accused of hiring three workers to pose as doctors.

Masood was also charged earlier this week with conspiracy to commit fraud after allegedly collecting nearly $2 million for patients investigators say never saw a real doctor. He is also charged with money laundering.

Kearney says he is scared to take the medication he was prescribed for high blood pressure, asthma and patches to quit smoking. He told News 12 New Jersey that he believed the doctor he was seeing was Dr Masood.

Kearny is now looking for a new doctor and a lawyer.

Elizabeth doctor accused of Medicare fraud