NEWARK - A group of Newark residents are rallying supporters to pressure the Newark Housing Authority to address concerns they have about public housing.

The group says the authority needs to make some crucial repairs to the apartments.

The residents took News 12 New Jersey inside the Riverside Villa complex to see the conditions. There were rooms with untiled floors, broken windows, large holes in the ceiling and whole counter tops unfinished.

Some work was being done, but residents say it's not enough.

Residents have complained in the past, but now they say they want to form a Tenants Association so they can be better organized.

They are backed by two Newark City Council Members; Anibal Ramos and Eddie Osborne.

"I'm someone born and raised in public housing so I can relate," says Councilwoman Ramos.

A spokesperson for the Newark Housing Authority had no comment about the issue, but did tell News 12 New Jersey that the housing director was willing to meet with a reporter on Thursday to discuss the issues.