NEWARK - A 4-year-old Newark girl got the surprise of a lifetime today when her parents, both deployed to Afghanistan for the past year, gave her a surprise homecoming.

Yamila Johnson had been living with her aunt and grandmother in Newark while her parents, Sgt. Rafael Johnson and Chief Warrant Officer Yessenia Johnson, were deployed overseas.

The couple returned home from Afghanistan yesterday and surprised their daughter by picking her up from school.

Upon hearing her parents call "peanut," their nickname for her, she appeared stunned then went to embrace them.

Before leaving, Yamila's mom and dad left her a bag of Hershey Kisses with instructions to eat one every day, with a promise that they would be home before she at the last one.

Yamila had one more Hershey Kiss left to eat. Mom says the three will go home and eat that kiss together.