NEWARK - The Newark FBI field office is celebrating a special honor that's good news for everyone, unless you've robbed a bank.

The agency is ranked No. 1 among the agency's 15 largest field offices in solving bank robberies.

Local agents say there were 109 robberies in their coverage area last year, 80 of which were solved. That's a solution rate of 73.4 percent.
The agents credit tighter security at banks and cooperation with other law enforcement agencies. 

The FBI also uses technology and websites like Bandit-Tracker, which allows the public to help crack the crimes.

"With the advent of the digital age, it can be within minutes of an actual bank robbery that the agent on scene will email me the picture and I'll have it up on this website within 10 minutes of the actual robbery," says Special Agent Stephen Siegel. "And you will have friends, relatives, enemies who may identify the person on there."

Last year, Burlington County saw the most bank robberies at 23.

The Newark field office covers all New Jersey counties except Camden, Salem and Gloucester.