NEWARK - A Newark Police detective at the center of controversial surveillance video of an altercation with a 15-year-old boy is acquitted after three years of court battles. 

In March 2010, narcotics detective Angel Pared was undercover when he arrested 15-year-old Travis Rattrey.

The teen's family is outraged. "Evidence was clear as day," says Erica Hankerson-Lynn. "No way he should have got away with anything. He destroyed my child's life."

"I feel like because he was a Newark police officer, that gave him privilege to get away with what he did."

After the incident, former Newark Police Director Garry McCarthy called the detective's tactics terrible and suspended Pared for 28 days.

Thursday, Detective Pared won a full acquittal on charges including assault and police misconduct.

Rattrey, now 19, will be sentenced in another case, facing nearly four years in prison for drug and weapons charges.

Some say the video shows an unprovoked attack, but Pared's attorney says what you can't see are moves that Travis Rattrey made that invited Pared to act.

"It's his admission that he was the aggressor," says attorney Tony Fusco. "The judge found that, and resisting arrest, and the fact that he knew these guys were cops."

On Friday, Police Director Samual DeMaio reinstated Pared as a narcotics detective after more than three years on desk duty. DeMaio says the case will be reviewed by his office for any administrative violations.