NEWARK - The Brick City is cutting back on the amount of police officers that will be patrolling outside the Prudential Center during games and concerts.

The move comes on the heels of the latest round of verbal attacks fired by Newark Mayor Cory Booker at New Jersey Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek. The decision is getting mixed reaction. The timing of the city's move is suspicious to some. Booker claims Vanderbeek owes the city millions and is uncharitable. Booker insists this decision will not make the arena less safe and he says it has nothing to do with an ongoing feud with Vanderbeek.

Devils Arena Entertainment has released the following statement.

"Prudential Center has generated over $200 million in economic activity in Newark since opening, bringing nearly 8 million fans to Newark and creating almost 1,400 jobs at the arena and 1,100 more throughout the city. In just one weekend alone, according to the mayor, it is estimated that the NCAA Tournament generated $15 million. The Rock has been the engine behind two new hotels, the first in downtown Newark in over 40 years, and several restaurants. Like other locales that want to attract investment, the city should be investing in proper police protection for all this activity."