NEWARK - A beating in Newark was caught on video and the attackers can be seen laughing at the victim. As troubling as the video is to watch, police say the video may be instrumental in identifying and arresting several of the attackers.

A security camera captured the attack, which took place in front of a bodega in the Brick City. News 12 New Jersey spoke with the victim, a student at Barringer High School, who says that he thought the attackers were just going to rob him.

Witnesses say they could hear the gang of 20-30 teens laughing, both during the attack and as they ran off, leaving their victim dazed and bloodied on the sidewalk. Sgt. Ron Glover of the Newark Police Department says students have already been arrested and suspended, though he did not know from which school or schools. Sgt. Glover also says this is still an active investigation and more arrests and suspensions could be coming.

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