NEWARK - The owner of Bello's Pub and Grill in Newark says newcomers to the bar are to blame for a fight that happened there on Sunday.

The brawl between rival soccer fans was caught on camera. Owner Manuel Rebelo says fans of the New York Red Bulls and NYC Football Club got into a fight when NYC Football Club fans showed up looking for trouble.

"The people that started this whole thing I've never seen before," Rebelo says. "They were from New York and I guess, you know, they were a bunch of knuckleheads for lack of a better word."

Rebelo says he was suspicious when a man in the group came into the bar earlier in the day, only to return again.

The Market Street melee brought police officers to the scene. Information on whether any arrests were made has not been released.

Rebelo says that the group will not be allowed back into his bar.