EAST RUTHERFORD - The New York Jets unveiled new food, merchandise and more at MetLife Stadium Wednesday for fans to enjoy during the 2016 NFL season.

The team debuted several new food options Wednesday, including a “Global Pie stand,” which will include a variety of empanadas. There will also be a seafood shack with a raw bar, a barbecue shack and pick-your-own-topping hot dogs.

In addition to the new food options, the team says it is also planning to offer new interactive activities and technology to enhance the fan experience, and keep them in the know.

“Technology for us is about delivering information to our fans.  We have one of the best Wi-Fi systems in the world. We can have 50,000 people on our Wi-Fi system at the same time, no problem,” says Jets Senior Vice President of Marketing and Fan Experience Seth Rabinowitz.

Rabinowitz continued, “We have four enormous video boards full of information and programing. We have beacons all over the stadium now to deliver targeted messages to people.”

There will also be a new mobile app for smartphones, and the team unveiled some of its new merchandise that will be available at the stadium.