BAYONNE - A New York Giant is following an appearance at the Super Bowl with an appearance at the Bayonne High School prom.

Steve Weatherford went all out to give senior Lauren Delbert an unforgettable experience.

The punter picked her up in a Bently convertible as the entire neighborhood watched. 

Delbert's boyfriend Stephen Schumann tagged along too. He also happens to be a Giants season ticket holder. "I'm willing to share her for the night," he says.

Weatherford agreed to the date after she asked him to the prom via Twitter, back in April. "I just sent it to him and he said yes," Delbert says. "And it all went down from there."

Weatherford says his wife isn't at all jealous. "She had her time in the sun," he says. "She had her wedding day. Now it's time to share me a little bit"