WEEHAWKEN - The sounds of summer concerts at a New York City venue have been way too loud for some residents living across the river. 

The Pier 97 amphitheater in Manhattan has given people who live along the Palisades in Weehawken a front row seat to the show, but some say the entertainment is unwelcome.

Nora Zaki says she has no desire to rock and roll all night. "As soon as I got in the house you could hear the music it was so loud," she said of a recent show. "I went upstairs to my house and I could still hear the music. It was so loud. It was annoying. Too much."

Complaints from the Jersey side of the water echoed back to the amphitheater, which reportedly is working to mitigate the noise. 

Venue planners say they thought that by directing the music out onto the Hudson River, residents of New York and New Jersey wouldn't be bothered. 

There was a concert in New York Friday night, but a News 12 New Jersey crew in Weehawken could not hear it.