UNION CITY - A brand new apartment building in Union City will be home to disabled and homeless veterans.

The 18-unit building will provide permanent affordable housing for the veterans.

The project is part of the Homes for Heroes program.

Joan Quigley, president of North Hudson Community Action, says she expects the building to be a great place to live. "It's gratitude for our returning veterans, many of whom come back with physical or emotional disabilities, don't make it in society, and need a place to live," she says.

Vets say they will appreciate the new roof over their heads. "It's gonna be the first time I've had some place to call my home actually in about 10 or 20 years," says Carlton Varnum, of Bayonne. "And that's a gift, it really is. I'm really grateful."

Quigley says the veterans can stay at the apartments for as long as they want, but she expects them to move on once they get back on their feet.