NEWARK - Passengers headed to the U.S. from some overseas airports will soon have to power on their electronic devices while passing through security checkpoints.

The Transportation Security Administration says it is concerned terrorists are developing bombs that can slip past security and be hidden inside electronics.

If devices don't power up, they won't be allowed on planes. Travelers could have them taken away and may have to board without them. Those travelers may also have to undergo additional screening.

International travelers have mixed reactions. "You can't just let anyone on the plane," says Maddie Scheel. "If it's a threat you have to look into, obviously." 

Others are afraid a simple explanation won't be enough. "For example, my laptop is actually broken," says Hannah Scheel. "I've taken it over here. Someone I know is fixing it. So if that happened to me I wouldn't have been allowed on the plane with my laptop."

Sen. Cory Booker also has questions about the new requirements. He says while safety must come first, the new rules may go too far. "I'm really worried that some of the procedures that we have are not necessarily essential," he says.

The TSA will not say which foreign airports will be subject to the new security checks.