NEW BRUNSWICK - The city of New Brunswick is warning drivers to expect delays as Livingston Avenue is squeezed from four lanes to two as part of a plan to improve safety.

Livingston Avenue will be affected between Delavan and Baldwin streets and between Loretto and Elizabeth streets.

The New Brunswick fire director hit three children trying to cross the road at Delavan Street and Livingston Avenue last week.

The community was outraged, complaining that the road has been dangerous for years. Orange cones were placed in the area of the crash in an attempt to slow drivers down.

Electronic signs were up along Livingston Avenue Tuesday night warning drivers to expect delays. The project is being called a "road diet" and is part of a long-term plan to ease traffic and improve pedestrian safety.

A new center lane will be used for left turns, and there will be no street parking where the avenue is narrowed. 

Residents are skeptical that the change will make a difference. "I hope it would help, but this street has been like this for years," says Crystal Coons. "But any little, or major changes they can make to make everyone safe, that would be good."

The real test of this new traffic pattern will come at the beginning and end of each school day, when many students are trying to cross Livingston Avenue.