JERSEY CITY - A new timeline has been given for the Pulaski Skyway construction project that has shut down the bridge.

Department of Transportation officials originally proposed the rehabilitation as a two-year, $1.8 billion project to re-deck the 82-year-old bridge.

At the one-year mark, crews are still working on the northbound lanes, with parts of that side of the span still missing. The southbound lanes are still untouched.

A DOT spokesperson says that when crews dug up the roadway, they found that the original 1930s steel beams underneath were more deteriorated and rusted than anticipated. They say that the harsh winter also worsened conditions.

The additional work is expected to add an extra $14 million to the project's bill. The DOT says that work will not go too far past the original April 2016 completion date, but there is no word on exactly when it is expected to be finished.