EAST ORANGE - Never-before-seen technology, developed right here in New Jersey, will soon be putting criminals in the spotlight. East Orange will be the first city in the world to buy the technology, known as the Light-based Intervention System, which involves breaking up crime with a beam of light. The lights work in tandem with existing crime-fighting cameras, operated by an officer in a command center.

The equipment was invented by a company from Lyndhurst. "If they observe anything abnormal, or a crime in progress, what they basically do is they will activate the light," said Tamer Zakhary, of the Cordero Group. "The light will automatically light the target."

The East Orange Police Department has plans to order 20 of the spotlight cameras.

Former East Orange Police Director Jose Cordero left the city in 2010 and formed the Cordero Group, which is innovating this technology. Other cities expressing interest include Camden, Wilmington and Newark, Delaware.