ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS - Electronics-maker LG wants to build its headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, and some residents are concerned about the height of the new building.

Opponents argue the proposed structure will ruin the pristine landscape of the Palisades, along the Hudson River.

The controversy has spread over the river into New York. The Bronx and Manhattan borough presidents sent a letter to Gov. Chris Christie, urging him to object to the project.

Last week, Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan sent the governor a letter of her own, asking him to support the project. "We're going to get construction jobs, good jobs for people in the actual building itself," Donovan says.

Supporters say the building will look a lot better than what is there now, and will be surrounded by parks and trees.

Jeanine Genauer, of Protect the Palisades, says she'd rather the development build out rather than up.

Opponents hope to reach a compromise with LG. Gov. Christie has said he had no intention of getting involved.