JACKSON - A New Jersey woman is fighting to get her children back from half a world away. She spoke to News 12 New Jersey about her ordeal via Skype.

Suzanne Feimster says she and her mother were beaten in Tunisia as her little girls were ripped from their arms. Her daughters are Sumyra, 4, and Rayhana, 3. Feimster says every day is a struggle and if she didn't have her family and friends helping, she most likely wouldn't be able to proceed.

Feimster says the nightmare started when she went to the North African country with her estranged husband to visit his parents. When she tried leaving there with the girls, she says he said no, leading to the physical altercation.

A court in Tunisia has awarded her custody, but that ruling doesn't mean she can come back to New Jersey with her children. She'll need written approval by their father to leave the country.

The girls' father is an American citizen, but was born in Tunisia. His cell phone has apparently been shut off. Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), who helped David Goldman bring his son home from Brazil, has gotten involved in this case.