EDISON - Iraq War veterans in New Jersey are growing more concerned that all they fought for could be lost as militants take over the country.

Vic Zlatanovic, an Army veteran who served in Iraq, says he's frustrated. "Unfortunately you have these thugs and criminals running rampant through the countryside in Iraq," he says.

Secretary of State John Kerry met Monday with leaders of the divided political coalitions in Iraq, while the U.S. considers air strikes and other intervention. Kerry told Iraqis they must start building a new government by July 1.

John Wroblewski's son JT was killed in Iraq. The 25-year-old Marine was shot in the face less than two months after going to war. "I don't want to see more of our guys and gals give up their lives for a situation that we had in hand and it was won," he says.

Wroblewski says he supports new U.S. military action in Iraq if it means the legacy of his son and other soldiers will not be lost.

That decision could come within the next week, according to Secretary Kerry.