RIDGEFIELD - A group called Tollroads News ranked the New Jersey Turnpike the highest earning toll highway at $992 million in revenue.

The group says the Turnpike has $378 million in operating expenses, but calls it the most profitable road in the country.

The Turnpike Authority insists the highway, which costs 12 cents a mile to travel, is not a profit-making venture and the money made essentially goes back into the road and in some cases into New Jersey's other roadways.

Turnpike Authority spokesperson Tom Feeney says the agency is in the middle of a $7 billion investment in expansion and improvements.

"We handle way more traffic than any other toll authority so it really shouldn't surprise anybody that we collect more revenue than anybody … it's just a function of having all that traffic," Feeney says.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike ranked number two in the study, and the Garden State Parkway, earning revenues of $402 million, was in sixth place.