BAYONNE - Motorists used to long waits to get through the Turnpike tolls in Bayonne are in for some relief.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority on Wednesday unveiled plans for a $310 million widening project at Exit 14-A. The interchange connects the Turnpike's Newark Bay-Hudson County extension with Route 440 in Bayonne.

Crews will widen the toll plaza from 11 lanes to 13 and will replace two bridges leading to and from the plaza.

Bayonne Mayor James Davis says drivers typically have to wait nearly a half-hour just to get through the toll plaza each morning.

Mayor Davis also says easing traffic congestion in the area will help his efforts to redevelop a former military terminal nearby.

"This also is going to allow us now to redevelop our base, the military ocean terminal, giving us complete access right to the base from there," he says. "This is going to help our city grow, which is going to change our city and move our city to the future."

The project is scheduled to be completed in 2018.