HILLSBOROUGH - A Somerset County trucker says that he hopes the public can help him find his dog who helps detect when he is going to have a diabetic episode. The dog was recently stolen in The Bronx.

Fito Irribarra says that his 1-year-old Maltese Angelo was stolen on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx Thursday afternoon from the cab of his truck as he made a delivery.

Irribarra says that Angelo intuitively alerts him when his blood sugar level poses a threat.

Angelo wears a tag with Irribarra's number. Irribarra says that he recently received a disturbing call from a blocked number asking for money to return Angelo.

Irribarra says that he would have paid the money, but the caller didn't give a location and then stopped calling.

Angelo is also equipped with a microchip so that he can be identified. Irribarra is offering a $600 reward for Angelo's safe return.