NEWARK - The effects of the Boston Marathon bombings are reaching across the country as transportation agencies scramble to take extra precautions to keep their cities safe.

New Jersey Transit says it is at a heightened state of alert. Spokesperson John Durso, Jr. says there have been no threats made against the system, but transit police have deployed both uniformed and undercover officers to patrol the system and keep customers safe.

NJ Transit says it is staying in constant contact with local, state and federal authorities.

The Newark Police Department is one of several agencies that says it will increase its presence in their city. Police Director Samuel DeMaio says the department has not received any specific threats, but has made adjustments as a precautionary measure.

Newark police will add patrols in the downtown area and other areas of large gatherings and transportation centers. There will also be additional aerial surveillance, DeMaio says.

Amtrak also issued a statement saying that it has stepped up patrols and conducting extra security sweeps, but is operating normally.

Residents are urged to be alert of any suspicious activity or people and to report concerns to the appropriate authorities.