EDISON - Many New Jersey towns are still trying to get rid of the nearly 3 feet of snow that fell on the Garden State Saturday.

With so much snow still on the ground, many towns are working on plans for where to put it all.

In Woodbridge, the snow is put into a melter and then washed down the storm sewers. The piles of snow were collected outside the town’s community center. The snow is hauled away at night so it does not disrupt traffic.

The melted snow gets filtered so that grit and dirt are not sent down the drain. 

In Newark, trucks have been shipping the snow to vacant lots. The city has come under fire for taking too long to plow roads and remove the snow. The state Department of Transportation has to come in to assist.

“It is a long and tedious process to pick snow and cart it away and wait for it to come back and do it again,” says Newark Mayor Ras Baraka. “But we are getting it done.”

Another city also struggling with snow removal is Trenton. Residents on Wednesday were still digging out. Some residents even resorted to using a blowtorch to melt the snow after a van got stuck.

Other residents have been removing large chunks of snow and ice just to clear parking spots. A city spokesperson tells News 12 New Jersey that they have received hundreds of calls about roads that still need plowing.

In Paterson, the snow is being dumped into the Passaic River after officials were given permission by the state. There are laws that prevent towns from dumping snow into waterways without a special permit for fear of possible contamination.